Why Higgenbotham Auctioneers

Why Higgenbotham Auctioneers

Haven’t gotten to know us yet? Well, nice to meet you. We’re Higgenbotham Auctioneers, a full-service auction company with a commitment to our clients that shines through in everything we do, every step of the way. We’ve been around since 1959, and our experience is virtually unmatched throughout the entire auction industry. We have an extensive history in selling just about anything and everything related to property, including: development tracts, luxury homes, condominiums, major commercial and industrial sites, estates, and agricultural land.

Since 1959, our dedication to excellence has remained the same, and everyone we’ve met throughout our path remembers Higgenbotham as “the name that sells”. Our vast network provides both buyers and sellers with a devoted team bringing our strengths of international experience and local expertise to them; which each of our clients have come to depend on.

We put you first, providing the best auction experience possible – no questions asked.

Why Choose the Auction Process Over Working with a Realtor

The auction process establishes a definitive time to sell and close on the assets, reducing holding costs as the buyers and sellers know a specific closing date. At Higgenbotham, we use an aggressive advertising strategy to help our sellers gain maximum exposure; informing a selected target group of potential property buyers about auction times, locations, preview times, bidding terms, as well as providing them with a full gallery of images to see the property in great detail. By attending an auction with several other pre-qualified buyers, competition is created and the fast-paced environment generates urgency for the buyers to act on the great deals we offer them. When selling property with an auction, the sellers determine the terms and conditions of the sale, not us. However, when working with realtors, the price of the property is often times determined after factoring in commissions. Auctions allow the buyers the ability to justly influence the cost of the property affirming true market value rather than elevated costs.

The auction method accelerates the selling process of any property or asset. It brings together all interested parties at the same time in order to complete the sale. Offers and counteroffers and the frustrating, slow negotiation process are swiftly turned into an exciting, urgent bidding match between serious, prospective buyers.

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